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What is the Atex ?

Three main reasons why Atex is SELECTED

Unique idea and engineering ability makes it happen

Atex offers the original products into the market earlier than competitors before the market recognizes the need. The quality of external products are well known in the industry.

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Atex stay in Japan production

Atex assembles in the domestic factories in Japan and stabilizes the good quality of products.


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Atex is well recognized in foreign countries.

Products are well known at good quality in Asia and Middle East and getting known in America. Atex aims to become the global brand of LED lighting industry.



Tsubaki Seamless Light Type H RGB color


Tape Light Slim


Tape Light Slim Diffuse


Tape Light Slim Diffuse Indoor




Tape Light Slim Diffuse movie


Tsubaki Type H RGB movie


Tape Light Slim movie


Addressable LED strips movie


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