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Atex Service  -Customized Length-

Easy installaiton -preparation of the customized length from ATEX factory-

Project environments are unpreditable. Atex products are available

in a wide range of linear lengths with many increments in between.

Atex provides the customized length that can suit the project and the project area

Regarding Atex LED strips ,  it is available to cut them at project site.

Then we can provide END CAPS to customers for sealing the open end of LED strips

after cutting.

However we recommend that Atex prepare the customized lengths at factory site

in case of exterior project. This is for avoiding troubles after installation by contractor.

We can make the customized lengths with END CAPS sealed by silicone in order to keep

IP67 rated.  Atex IP 67 LED strips with the customized length by factory

will be guranteed by Atex.

All customized lengths are mentioned in the product date sheets

Product Data Sheet (There is Length Order Code Guide)


Length Order Code Guide
Abailable to sellect the length to suit the project site and area.


 【For Example】
   In case of Tsubaki Seamless Light Mini Type H

   PROUDCT No. GL09-05D30K

   Length : 5059.0 mm

   Please kidnly see "LENGTH ORDER CODE GUIDE " in data sheet and select the length.

   Tsubaki Seamless Light Mini Type H can make the length every 66.5mm

   from 71.5mm to 5059.0mm. 
   Tsubaki Seamless Light Mini Type H has 76 items for the customized length.






ATEX Exterior LED Strips ( IP67 rated ) 

Tape Light Slim Diffuse      Tsubaki Seamless Light Type H      Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V 

Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGBW
Tsubaki Seamless Light Mini Type H
LED Strips with narrow beam angle 20°

Long Silicone Light
Long Silicone Light RGB
Tape Light Slim

Tape Light
Tape Light Wide


ATEX Interior LED Strips 

Tape Light Slim Diffuse Indoor    Long Silicone Light Indoor    Tape Light Indoor VE type 

Tape Light Indoor
Tape Light Wide Indoor






Tsubaki Seamless Light Type H RGB color


Tape Light Slim


Tape Light Slim Diffuse


Tape Light Slim Diffuse Indoor




Tape Light Slim Diffuse movie


Tsubaki Type H RGB movie


Tape Light Slim movie


Addressable LED strips movie


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