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Unique and Original Product


The latest ATEX products Technology 


The automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process

ATEX long flexible printed circuit board (FPC) technology


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Sudden failure (LED not to illuminate) are most often caused by

disconnecting failure at solder-point on FPC (flexible printed circuit)

due to mechanical stress.

The length of one FPC is generally 200mm.

It means 25pcs of FPC are needed to joint (solder joint) to make 5000mm

led strip.

That’s obvious it’s hard and weak to bend at the area where soldering joint.

If it’s tightly bent, it leads to disconnection problem occurred at

soldering joint area due to applying mechanical stress.

It causes failure (LED not to illuminate).


How ATEX solved it?

We developed ATEX long flexible printed circuit board technology

(seamless long FPC) and production devices to solve the issue.


Here is our development story.

As FPC we were looking for did not exist on the market, ATEX and

FPC manufacturer had jointly developed a “long seamless FPC”.

In addition to the long seamless FPC,

we needed an automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process

and right devices to ensure proper operation to fit in dozens of meters of

the seamless FPC. 

The devises were also required to mount an electronic part continuously

and solder accurately to match such a long length of FPC.

The production devises were developed in-house to adapt to the FPC.

Finally, we developed combination of proper devises and Reel to Reel (R2R)

production process which is compatible with the seamless FPC.


These seamless FPC technology and devises including Reel to Reel

production process make it possible for us to produce dozens of meters of

long flexible LED strip continuously all at once.


In summary,

ATEX long flexible printed circuit board (seamless FPC) technology can overcome weak points in general FPC.

1. Minimize disconnecting failure (no soldering point on FPC).

2. More durable against bending force

3. Improve productivity (reduce assembly cost, shorten lead time)

by developed devise and automated Reel to Reel production process



ATEX products with ATEX long FPC Technology

Tape Light Indoor VE type   Tape Light Outdoor TL09   Tape light Indoor TM09

Tape Light Slim  TLS


Tsubaki Mini Type H GL09D


Long Silicone Light Mini GL09A






New products with creative and innovative idea

Lighting designers consistently specify Atex products for marquee lighting applications in challenging project environments because they exceed stringent thermal requirements, meet lighting goals, and allow for exceptionally long and highly contoured lighting runs.

The products are designed and built for both direct and indirect, exterior façade and linear lighting applications, backlighting, under shelf, cove/niche and even highly flexible lighting for art, sculpture, chandeliers and architectural signage applications.





Long Silicone Light

Tsubaki Seamless Light Type H 




Commitment to Quality 

LED chps have the variation in color .

It is said that they have 1milion color if there are 1 milion LED chips.

It means that LED chips are difficult to control the variaiton.

ATEX is strickly controlled the variaiton by our own sorting system

and ATEX expertise in order to reduce the variation in LED chips.

We adapt Japanese LED chip manufacturers for our main products.



The feature of ATEX products are flexible ligitngs.

Electric comprnents such as LED chips

and registor are soldered to Flexbile Circuit Board. 

But usually they will have cracks in LED chips

and regisors because they are rigid body.

ATEX will pursue the design qualtiy with the followngs.

・Development of new Long Flexible Circuit Board 

・Improvement of method for mounting electronic components

・Elctric components sealed by Silicone

・Structure of LEDstrip cases and  the silicone material


We are actively working on the production quality.

・The strong networkng system of EMS closer to our factory 

   and our own factory in Japan

・Automated production line 

・OQC(Out-going Qality Control) 



Commitments to design quality and producin quality have led to trust in the market, and we have many works in the world.




Quick problem resolution and flexiblafter service 

In order to respond to our customers' needs, our experienced sales representatives are fully supported from technical proposals on products and construction to after delivery. We also have consultation on special products for small lots.




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