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Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V Duo (Tunable White)【New】 

Outdoor/Indoor use type    




This product offers tunable function that can change the color between 2200K and 5500K in one product.
Seamless diffused effect for flexible direct view line such as facades, linear and entertainment lighting application.
We can customize the lengths to suit project requirements,and features a higyly durable silicone rubber body which can be used both of Indoor and Ourdoor application.

The automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process

ATEX long flexible printed circuit board (FPC) technology

Tsubaki Type V Duo  


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Key Features

        ◆Controllable color temperatures from 2200K to 5500K

        ◆Dot free flexible LED strip with top-bend for direct view line

        ◆Maximum unit connectable of 5 m
           Available the customized length from 73.5mm to 5061mm 

        ◆Exterior product with IP67 rated

        ◆Easy installation with straight chanele for straight line 
           and mounting brackets for flexible line

        ◆Smooth and seamless direct view applications such as facade lighting 
            entertainment lighting for outdoor 

        ◆Size: W 28mm ×H 17mm (End cap W 25mm ×H 22mm) , Domed structure


Product Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V Duo (Tunable White)
Light source Light-emitting diode
LED pitch 9.5 mm

LED color

(Color temperature)


Dimension W28 × H17 mm  End cap is W 25 × H 22 mm


L= 73.5  ~ 5061 mm

※Can be manufactured in "multiple of 66.5mm"+"7mm(End cap parts)". Max: 5061mm.

Luminous flux*2

Max. 1350lm/m (2200K=650 lm/m  /  5500K=700 lm/m)

Beam angle 155°
Material of case Silicone rubber with light diffusion material
Weight 280g/m
Max Unit Connectable 5m (5061mm)
Input voltage  24VDC 
Watts 17 W/m (2200K:9w/m , 5500K:8w/m)
Environment EXTERIOR / INTERIOR .  IP67 rated.
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +55℃
INGRESS PROTECTION IP67 rated. Water and dust resistant.
Bending Radius R 150mm Vertical

IP 67 rated.
Dust Tight. Immersion up to 1m depth(Test diration: 30 minutes)

*Lead wires... Standard:Lead wires at both ends.
*2...Lumens are for reference only. The data is not guaranteed.

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