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Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGB/RGBW


Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGB/RGBW

DC24V IP67


Dot free RGB and plus color LED strip
Controllable red, green, and blue LEDs deliver intriguing color changing effects. Available various color changing performance with 3 in 1 LED plus white color  for seamless flexible direct view line such as facades, linear application.

Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGB color

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Key Features

◆3in1 LED + White LED
◆Dot free RGBW Color Changing LED strip for seamless line
◆Maximum unit connectable length upto 10.1 m
◆Available the customized length from 67mm to 10087mm every 60mm
◆Exterior product with IP67 rated
◆Smooth and seamless direct view applications such as facade lighting 
◆Easy installation
◆Controllable red, green and blue LEDs deliver intriguing color-changing effects.


Product Tsubaki Seamless Light RGBW Color
Light source Light-emitting diode
LED pitch 10mm

LED color

(Color temperature)

+ W(5000K)

+ W(2800K)


Dimension W28 × H17 mm  End cap is W 25 × H 22 mm


L= 67  ~ 10087 mm

※Can be manufactured in "multiple of 60mm" + "7mm(End cap parts)", Maximum length is 10087mm

Luminous flux*2

[RGBW type]
RED=120 lm/m / GREEN=250 lm/m / BLUE=40 lm/m
/ White(5000K)=550 lm/m or W(2800K)=440 lm/m

[RGB type]
RED=120 lm/m / GREEN=250 lm/m / BLUE=40 lm/m

Beam angle 180°
Material of case Silicone rubber with light diffusion material
Weight 300g/m
Max Unit Connectable 10.1 m
Input voltage  24VDC ±1%
Watts [RGBW type]
20 W/m

[RGB type]
15 W/m
Environment EXTERIOR / INTERIOR .  IP67 rated.
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +55℃
INGRESS PROTECTION IP67 rated. Water and dust resistant.
Bending Radius R150mm vertical


IP 67 rated.
Dust Tight. Immersion up to 1m depth(Test diration: 30 minutes)

*Lead wires... Standard:Lead wires at one end. "W" type: Lead wires at both ends.
*2...Lumens are for reference only. The data is not guaranteed.

Product No.

Color Length(mm) Weight(g/m) Input Watts(W/m)
TL10-090DM50K RGB + W(5000K) 67~10087 320 24VDC 20

TL10-090DM28K RGB + W(2800K)
TL10-090DM RGB 15