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Tape Light Slim【NEW】

Outdoor/Indoor use type    



TLS - **K
Super slim shape with flexible linear lighting 

This slim shape of LED strip makes possible to install for variety of applications.
Suitable for limited installation space because it’s only 8mm width x 6mm height.
Can be installed for both of straight line and curve line application by its bendable
structure (Top-bend).
LEDs sealed in silicone rubber (IP67) allows to use both of Indoor and Outdoor use.
Max. length up to 10m (seamless).
Application : Handrail , Balustrade and small space application

The automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process

ATEX long flexible printed circuit board (FPC) technology


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Key Features

LED pitch of "TLS" type is 9.5mm
Maximum length of "TLS" is 10.1meters
Trim point of TLS type is 66.5mm
Easy installation with Atex acccessories
Can be used for Outdoor and Indoor
Water resistant is IP67 rated


Product Name Tape Light Slim
Light source Light- emitting diode(LED)
LED pitch 9.5mm
LED color 
(Color temperature)








TL10 ○ 
Cross section size W8 (10) × H6 (8)mm  *Note:(End Cap parts)


TLS : L= 71.5 ~ 10113 mm
※Can be manufactured in "multiple of 66.5mm" + "5mm(End Caps)",

   Minimum length: 71.5mm, Maximum length: 10113mm

Luminous flux*1


2200K : 250 lm/m

2500K ~ 5000K : 450 lm/m ~ 580 lm/m

Beam angle 130°
Case material Transparent silicone rubber
Weight 60g/m
Max unit connnectable TLS : 10.1 m
Lead wires*2 Silicone rubber coating
Input voltage DC24V 
Watts TLS : 5W/m  
Environment Outdoor/Indoor
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 55℃ (14℉ ~ 131℉)
Water resistance IP67(JIS C 0920)rated
Bending radius R30mm(vertical) ※Can not be bend horizontally


IP67 rated products.
IP67 rated…Dust tight and waterresistant,(Immersion, up to 1 m depth within 30 minutes.)

*1... Luminus flux is just for reference. it may be different with production lots.

*2... Standard model is one-side lead wires. Both-ends lead wires model is optional.

Product Number

Standard Length
Input Voltage(V) Watts
TLS-50K 5000K 71.5~10113 60 DC24 5

TLS-40K 4000K
TLS-35K 3500K
TLS-30K 3000K
TLS-28K 2800K
TLS-25K 2500K
TLS-22K 2200K
※Please contact our sales department about a special dimention or irregular specification of products.