27, Nov 2017  

Notice of the New Product

22, Nov 2017   

Notice of Atex New Years Holiday's Closing dates / Dec. 30 - Jan. 4

We participated in Light Middle East 2017 in Dubai

   We have taken part in Light Middle East in Dubai for 4 consective years.

We exhibited "Tsubaki Seamless Light MINI"(* Tentative name), new product to be released.
Our products, Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V, Slit Light, Ultra Film Light  exhibited in the booth attracted the interest of many visitors.

*Atex Booth 


 ・Tsubaki Seamless Light Series
 ・Slit Light
 ・Ultra Film Light

We have taken part in Lighting Fair 2017

   Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGB was exhibited. Our lighting object "Dandelion", was designed by the famous lighting designer, Mr. Yukio Hashimoto. Two large and small dandelions illuminated and fascinated the audience
This objects were made by 194 pcs of lights and 20 pcs of driver.

Tsubaki Seamless Light Type V RGB 


Accent Tape Light RGBW, Linear lighting, Full color LED and White LED mounted, has been launched.  


Full color LED and White LED are mounted onto a very compact body of Accent Tape Light
You can dim the colors depending on the seasons.
Using mono color and white color at the same time, you can also show pastel colors. 
  Maximum length is 4.8m.
  Dimmable and controllable by PWM and DMX.
  Can be easily installed with accessories.
      →Click here for the details


Tape Light Wide has been launched. More brighter LED Strip and Outodoor/Indoor Use.


Tape Light Wide has more than 2000 lm/m and is suited for a powerful lighting solution.
※Except for some color temperatures.
Can be offered the various 7 color temperature 2500K to 5000K
Outdoor type is IP 67 rated.
  Maximum length is 5.4m.
Dimmable and controllable by PWM and DMX.
Can be easily installed with accessories.
      →Click here for the details

    The projects Atex products installed. 

Tokyo Whisky Library 棚照明
Project: Tokyo Whisky Library
Design: LINE-INC.
Lighting Design: On & Off inc.
Product:Tape Light Wide Indoor 2800K

Design : Sambuichi Architects
Lighting Design : Endo Lighting Corp.
Product : 3000KTsubaki Seamless Light Type H 3000K 
This project has been grace the cover of a magazine "SHINKENCHKU" Sept. 2016.

Project : NEBOKE Akasaka
Design : Bay Leaf Inc.
Lighting Design: Takayoshi Murai of LIME DESIGN
Product: Accent Tape Light 2800K


Project : Cafe1886 at Bosch
Design : Kubota Architects & Associates inc
Photograph : Toshiyuki Yano
Product : Long Silicone Light Indoor 3000K
              Slit Light 3000K


Project : Kobe Minato Onsen Ren
Design : Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Photograph : Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Product : Tsubaki Seamless Light 2800K
             Accent Tape Light 3000K
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